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Representative Cases

VBConversions LLC. v. Procter & Gamble et al. (2014): Copyright Infringement action which was resolved prior to trial.

VBConversions LLC. v. Waste Management, Inc. et al. (2014)

VBConversions LLC v. Gulf Coast Ventures LLC et al. (2012): Copyright Infringement action with a substantial award from the court.

VBConversions LLC v. Honeywell International, Inc. et al (2010)

David A. Crook v. Microsoft Corporation (2010): Copyright Infringement action against giant company with a favorable resolution.

David A. Crook v. ITT Corporation (2010)

David A. Crook v. Autodesk (2009)

David A. Crook v. Assurant, Inc. (2008)

David A. Crook v. Samsung Networks, Inc. (2008): Action for Copyright Infringement against an American subsidiary of Samsung.                                                                                                             Resolved by confidential settlement

David A. Crook v. Scottrade, Inc. (2007)

Hitek Software LLC v. Foxconn Corporation (2015): Successfully represented plaintiff in a massive infringement of its

                                                                                                   copyrighted material.

Hitek Software LLC v. Timios Inc et al. (2012): Copyright Infringement action with an award of partial summary judgment

                                                                                             against defendant after which the matter was settled.

Hitek Software LLC v. United Surgical Partners International, Inc. et al. (2010)


Hitek Software LLC v. A.A. Anderson & Co., Inc. et al. (2009)


Hitek Software, LLC v. Apex Maritime Co., Ltd. et al. (2007)

Fresh Software LLC v. Raycom Media Inc. et al. (2013)


Fresh Software, LLC et al v. Genesys Telecommunication Laboratories, Inc. et al. (2009)


Fresh Software, LLC v. Be Aerospace, Inc. et al. (2009)


Fresh Software, LLC v. 3M Canada, Inc. et al. (2009): Contested cross-border infringement action successfully resolved.

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