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        We have vast experience in drafting and sustaining end user license agreements (EULA). EULA's are critical to the integrity of your website and your product. They set forth the rules. These are the terms and conditions that must be adhered to by visitors to your site.  If, for instance, you offer a free trial version of the software to visitors, their use of the program creates a vlnerability for you. The trial version is often the location where hackers introduce fraudulent registration keys to unlock the program to unlimited use without your knowledge and consent. We know through long experience how to protect you, what you should include in your EULA, how you should phrase it and where you should place it. It is an art form that is only acquired after much time and experience in dealing with issues arising from the actions of software pirates. Our office knows how to manage it. 


        We are also capable of licensing others with exclusive or non-exclusive licenses. Carefully drafted agreements protect your interests while creating a new revenue stream derived from you creative energy.

        Finally, if you decide to sell your interests in a program, our office is geared to assist you in transferring the software. Likewise, if you're acquiring a program, we are able to close the deal. 


Feel confident that we will protect your vital interests.   



•   Preparation of End User License Agreement (EULA)

•   Review, Edit, and amplification of existing EULA's

•   Licensing of Computer Software or other Products 

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